Rusta & Matcha

We help you to find a job or an education!

Sometimes it is very hard to find a job and to know how to go about it. Therefore, we offer you who is a jobseeker support and help on your journey to a new job.

Rusta & Matcha is a service for you who is registered in Arbetsförmedlingen (The Employment Office) and qualified for Rusta & Matcha. Contact Arbetsförmedlingen and choose Ability so we can start helping you.

Follow this:

1. Contact Arbetsförmedlingen

2. Choose us (Ability) by KA-number

3. Now we can help you to find a job or an education!

For us, it is important that you feel safe and comfortable. You will thereby have a coach who takes time to get to know you and adapt the service to meet your needs and condition. Together with an educated and experienced coach will you work towards reaching your goal, either work or study, as soon as possible. We will be by you side till the end.

Do you need help?

Contact Ability´s local offices to help you make the selection at Arbetsförmedlingen.

Do you need help?

Ta kontakt med ditt lokalkontor så hjälper vi dig att göra valet hos Arbetsförmedlingen.

This is what we do to help YOU succeed:

Hidden Jobs
We use our valuable network in the market to help you

We help you writing a very good CV.

To find a job you will get the opportunity to share others exeperience and network

We help you to find an internship where you get the possibilty to try your dreamjobb and make connections

Mapping your skills
Mapping and recognizing your skills. You know more than you think, which is important to make them visible.

Study visits
We arrange study visits that suit you.

Every two weeks you meet your own coach.

If you are interested in studying we will help you find the right education that suits you.

Interview techniques
Interviews are important, by training with us you will get the chance to be good at it.